Monday, January 9, 2012

Venue #29: San Antonio Winery

Vintage Room

The Vintage Room will comfortably seat 125 people. If the reservation requires up to 150
attendees, the overflow can be accommodated in the adjacent Aging Room.
The Vintage Room is fully Audio/Visually equipped with LCD Projector, Motorized Drop
Screen, CD player, Internet Access, I-Pod connection capability, Wire and Wireless
Microphone and Podium.
There is also an area for a DJ, Small Band, and Dancing.
Parties can provide private entertainment with Winery’s approval.
Room Pricing:
$450 – weekly from 10:00am to 6:00pm
After Hour Prices from 6:00pm to 9:00pm Apply
Extended hours are available inquire

Heritage Cellar

The Heritage Cellar will comfortably seat 50 people and is located past the Main Restaurant
in a private area of the Winery. The Cellar is a great location for all private parties. Due to the
location of the Cellar, children will be allowed in the Heritage Cellar at Winery’s approval.
CD player in room
No Audio / Visual
Room Pricing:
$300 – weekends
$150 – weekdays

Fermenting Room

The Fermenting Room will comfortably seat 100 people and is located off the Main Dining
room. There will be no music allowed as you can hear the music from the restaurant.
No Audio / Visual.
Room Pricing:
$300 – Full Room (capacity 100)
$150 – Half Room (capacity 50)
$200 – Full Room (capacity 100)
$100 – Half Room (capacity 50)

Buffet runs 50-60 a person, but I didn't explore all snack / meal options.


One in Ontario and one in LA. Couldn't find wedding specific photos.

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