Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venue #33: Huron Substation

The Huron SubStation is an intimate and fully unique setting located just north of downtown Los Angeles (where the 110 meets the 5 freeway). The interior boasts vintage brick (circa 1906), arched windows, a 45’ high ceiling with skylights, 12’ high arched doors opening onto a granite courtyard (featuring a modern concrete and steel fountain), and an 8’ diameter steel chandelier hovering over the main room. We are a boutique; European style business that believes small is beautiful.

The Huron SubStation is flattered that many couples find this location to be a special choice for their wedding. However, we must remind you that we are not a wedding hall and do not function as such. The Huron SubStation is primarily a home, a well-known one-of-its-kind location for film, photography, and for a limited number of clients, an event location.


* -8’ long, diorama style bar (customizable) on wheels.

* -Ceiling mounted digital surround sound system (ipod compatible).

* - Projection system with 14’ wide screen.

* -Access to kitchen: dual ovens, 4 burners, salamander grill and a griddle (access to caterers only). The refrigerator is not available.

* -Wireless internet.

* -Access to over 3500 square feet of space via the main room, courtyard, and mezzanine.

* - Drive in load capabilities.


* -Friday or Saturday (noon - midnight) $4500.00. (includes 1 hour coordination meeting, each additional meeting billed at $45/hour).

* -Jeffrey Valet is a required vendor. CLICK HERE FOR ESTIMATE

* -24 hour $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

* -$1750.00 deposit.

Additional Info:

* -Maximum number of guests: 125.

* -We close at midnight.

* -Apologies, we do not accommodate wedding rehearsals.

* -Chairs and tables not included (with the exception of (4) 8’ tables).

* -All vendors must be licensed and insured.

* -We are an indoor/outdoor venue with no climate control. Therefore, we currently only book from April-November.

Pictures: http://amberevents.blogspot.com/2010/01/huron-substation-wedding-ben-and-beth.html



  1. I cannot begin to tell you how much your blog has helped immensely. One note though, I got a quote for Huron substation for April 2013, and they quoted me for $4,850! I seem to be running into a 350-400 dollar markup for all these venues and I only will have 50 people in attendance!

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