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Venue #38: Occidental College (Eagle Rock)

herrick chapel- 1500, but 1000 with reception
500 for venues
25 for beer and wine
greshman-dance floor
bianca patio - requires dance floor (300)

Creamy walls, high, open beamed ceilings; tall arched windows, oak tables and chairs create a setting that is warm and welcoming. This dining hall is available for private catered events on select Saturdays only, after 5:00 p.m.
Capacity – The dining hall accommodates up to 284 guests, and is equipped with 11 large round tables (seat 8-10) and 23 long tables (seat 6-8).

French windows look out from the Gresham Dining Hall onto this picturesque, covered patio. The beautiful, high glass cover gives the feeling of being outdoors, yet provides the comfort of climate control year round. Please note: Use of the space for dancing requires dance floor rental.
Capacity – The patio accommodates 150 guests for dining and 224 for a stand-up reception and dancing. It is equipped with 15 round tables (seat 6-8) and 100 lattice back chairs.

This elegantly furnished lounge is ideal for informal gatherings. This room can be opened to the Sutton/PDR and Iron Man meeting rooms to form a larger space. This space is unsuitable for dining.
Capacity – The lounge accommodates 45 guests for an informal gathering. It can open into the Sutton/PDR or the Iron Man meeting rooms to accommodate 65. The Morrison Lounge complex, utilizing both the Sutton and Iron Man meeting rooms accommodates 105 guests.

This carpeted conference-style meeting room is adjacent to the Morrison Lounge and the Iron Man meeting room. There is a partition that opens into the Morrison Lounge.
Capacity – The dining room accommodates 14 guests for a sit-down or buffet meal.

This carpeted conference-style meeting room is adjacent to the Morrison Lounge and the Sutton President’s dining room. There is a partition that opens into the Morrison Lounge.
Capacity – This meeting room accommodates 12 guests around a conference table.

Suitable for dining or meeting, this attractive dining room has a partition that opens into the Salsbury dining room.
Capacity – The room accommodates 32 guests or 62 when opened to the Salsbury room.

Suitable for dining or meeting, this attractive dining room has a partition that opens into the Young dining room.
Capacity – The room accommodates 30 guests or 62 when opened to the Young room.

This crisp, white clapboard building with its red brick chimney and black shutters has an attractive garden and patio area, making it a wonderful outdoor location. Behind the house is a red brick patio shaded by an elegant arbor overgrown with wisteria and roses, surrounded by low box hedges. Three steps lead down to a grass lawn and miniature formal garden with an Italianate fountain. There are two adjacent lawns shaded by a regal magnolia tree that are beautifully landscaped. NOTE: Use of this space will incur a fee for staffing by a Campus Safety Officer.
Capacity – A maximum of 80 for patio dining; 150 for stand-up receptions. The lawn areas can accommodate up to 350 guests for a plated or buffet meal (weather permitting).

This warm neo-craftsmen structure with a mission-style flare and pine wooden floors, has multiple French doors leading to an outside patio. This student facility is available for private events only when school is not in session.
Capacity – The main dining area can accommodate 150 for a buffet or plated meal. A total of 200 can be served using adjacent rooms. Two outdoor patios accommodate 50 people each, for stand-up receptions.

An attractive fountain enhances the beautiful architecture of this arcaded courtyard. There are plenty of shady areas and wonderful photographic opportunities.
Capacity – This site accommodates 120 guests for a seated meal and 200 for a stand-up reception.

This Greek Bowl with its grassy stage and classical architecture is the perfect location for any outdoor celebration. Although large enough to hold a cast of thousands, it lends itself beautifully to intimate al fresco gatherings.
Capacity – This site accommodates 30 as well as up to 3,000 guests.

Situated below the College’s Interfaith Center, Lower Herrick is a convenient, flexible and air-conditioned space for both sit-down and stand-up receptions.
Capacity: This site accommodates 150 for a sit-down, 125 for a buffet reception and 250 for a stand-up reception. Alcohol is NOT permitted in this facility at any time.

Lofty yet intimate, the magnificent high ceiling with multiple stained glass walls welcomes people of all faiths. The chapel is bright, airy and air-conditioned.
Capacity – This site comfortably accommodates 100 as well as up to 500 guests utilizing the ground floor as well as the balcony.

Listing of Facilities
Any use of College property (including interior facilities, exterior facilities, and grounds) must be agreed upon in writing in advance of the event.

Length of Service
The length of time allocated for the event is four (4) hours. If the event exceeds four hours, an overtime rental charge of $500 per hour will be added. Vendor and client access to facilities is limited to two hours prior to the start of the event.

Facility Condition and Appearance
The College strives to maintain an attractive and user friendly campus environment at all times. However, there is no guarantee that the campus environment will display the same appearance and operation as was evidenced at the time of the tour, reservation or agreement. Licensee understands that College construction and renovation projects may be initiated at any time, and that these projects may impact the physical appearance, vehicle or pedestrian access routes, or other aesthetic or operational aspects of the campus environment.

Cleaning Fee
Use of Facilities in Johnson Student Center (Branca Patio and Gresham Dining Room) requires a $100 cleaning fee.

Food and Beverage Service

Outside Food Exclusion
Occidental College's Campus Dining Department has the exclusive right to sell and serve refreshments, including food, confectionery, beverages and other consumables. No food or beverages may be brought to the event or consumed by participants, except those provided by Occidental College Campus Dining. Bar provisions and ceremonial cakes provided by the client are exempt from this policy (a service fee will apply to these items).

Alcoholic Beverage Service
All alcohol must be served from the bar into glass or plastic ware, or poured at table by servers. Shots and bottles will not be served. Bottles of wine or other alcohol may not be left on tables. The bar will close 1 hour before the scheduled event end time.

Served with dinner (3 pieces) $ 6.00 /person
Served alone (6 pieces) $ 12.00 /person
Served alone (10 pieces) $ 18.00 /person



Chicken and pistachio salad $ 26.50 / person
Mediterranean chicken salad $ 27.50 / person
Radiatore pasta and chicken $ 25.00 / person
Spicy shrimp and mango salad $ 26.00 / person
Poached salmon & asparagus $ 26.00 / person
Chicken papaya salad $ 24.50 / person
Grilled ahi tuna salad $ 28.00 / person
Chicken Caesar salad $ 22.50 / person
Fontanesi salad with turkey $ 26.50 / person
Fontanesi salad no turkey $ 23.00 / person
Chicken Provençal salad $ 24.50 / person
Portobello mushroom salad $ 24.50 / person
Pear and blue cheese salad $ 22.50 / person
Bow tie pasta salad $ 25.50 / person
Buckwheat noodle salad $ 23.00 / person
Wakame and cucumber salad $ 23.00 / person

Chicken Florentine $ 23.00 / person
Grilled Mayan chicken $ 23.00 / person
Chicken Tandoori $ 21.50 / person
Breast of duck $ 25.00 / person
Coconut chicken $ 24.00 / person
Chicken Chardonnay $ 22.00 / person
Chicken Véronique $ 24.00 / person
Chicken mole $ 20.50 / person
Chicken with mango chutney $ 23.00 / person
Pistachio chicken $ 23.00 / person
Chicken tequila sunrise $ 21.50 / person
Organic achiote chile chicken $ 25.50 / person

Roasted New York steak $ 25.50 / person
Lamb chops $ 37.00 / person
Filet mignon $ 42.00 / person
Prime rib $ 32.00 / person
Grilled pork chop $ 22.00 / person
Veal cordon bleu $ 30.00 / person
Mayan grilled pork tenderloin $ 20.00 / person
Rib eye Gorgonzola $ 33.50 / person
Surf and turf Martket Price

Herb grilled salmon $ 25.50 / person
Macadamia nut mahi-mahi $ 29.50 / person
Grilled ahi tuna tequila $ 29.00 / person
Grilled halibut $ 29.00 / person
Almond crusted salmon $ 28.00 / person
Trout with crab and shrimp $ 28.00 / person
Prawns alla diavola $ 26.50 / person
Grilled sea bass $ 31.50 / person
Lingcod Newburg $ 26.50 / person
Tilapia in banana leaves $ 34.00 / person
Parm potato crusted salmon $ 26.50 / person

Portobello heaven $ 22.00 / person
Eggplant Napoleon $ 20.00 / person
Wild mushroom pasties $ 17.00 / person
Chiles rellanos $ 20.50 / person
Oaxaca tamales $ 20.50 / person
Tequila lime grilled tofu $ 19.50 / person
Gourmet quesadillas $ 24.50 / person
Mediterranean stuffed peppers $ 20.50 / person
Grilled vegetable plate $ 20.00 / person
Grilled eggplant roulade $ 20.00 / person
Stuffed acorn squash $ 18.50 / person

Pasta pomodoro $ 20.00 / person
Verona basil chicken pasta $ 21.50 / person
Seafood cavatappi pasta $ 28.00 / person
Creamy pesto orecchiette $ 25.00 / person
Classical or vegetarian lasagna $ 19.00 / person
Jambalaya linguine $ 25.50 / person
Chicken ziti $ 25.00 / person
Cheese ravioli $ 20.50 / person
Gourmet four cheese macaroni $ 20.50 / person
Radiatore pasta primavera $ 20.50 / person

ENGLISH AFTERNOON TEA $ 19.00 / person

International $ 20.00 / person
Southwestern $ 20.50 / person
Country Style $ 18.50 / person

South of the Border $ 27.50 / person
Italian feast $ 23.00 / person
Lonestar BBQ $ 21.50 / person
Tropical luau $ 19.50 / person
Asian express $ 20.50 / person
Mediterranean medley $ 24.50 / person

(added to full entree meal)
Tostada or soft taco bar $ 13.50 / person
Salad bar $ 13.50 / person
Omelette bar $ 9.00 / person
Roast Baron of Beef $ 9.00 / person
Roast turkey $ 7.50 / person
Smoked Virginia baked ham $ 8.50 / person
Whole poached salmon $ 14.00 / person
Pasta bar $ 9.00 / person
Fresh fruit display, seasonal fruit $ 6.50 / person
Crudités display, assorted dips $ 6.00 / person
Cheese display $ 7.50 / person
Fruit and cheese and crudités $ 9.50 / person
Strawberry dipping bar, Mar-Oct $ 10.50 / person
Ice cream bar $ 8.00 / person
Dessert buffet $ 11.00 / person
Cappuccino cart $ 9.50 / person

An additional $3.50 per person will be added for meals served in locations other than Gresham Dining Hall or Branca Patio. All prices are subject to change.

Occidental College offers a variety of hosted bar services from which to choose for your event. Cash bars are not available.

Sparkling apple cider

(toast only)

$ 3.00 per person

Client’s alcohol and soft drinks served. Includes: ice, napkins, stirrers.

(disposable stem ware)

$ 4.00 per person

(glass stem ware)

$ 6.50 per person

Client's alcohol served,
College bar set-up. Includes: assorted soft drinks, house mixers, sparkling water, bar fruit, ice, napkins, stirrers

(disposable stem ware)

$ 7.00 per person

(glass stem ware)

$10.00 per person

Signature Drink, client's alcohol

(disposable stem ware)

$2.50 per person

Client's wine: table service at dinner

(glass stem ware)

$2.50 per person

Bartender, client's alcohol

(minimum 4 hours)

The address is: http://departments.oxy.edu/dining/wedding/index.html

Your user name is wedding and your password is ceremony.

Photos: http://www.adriennegundeblog.com/tag/occidental-college-wedding/


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