Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venue #40: Cabrillo Marina Plaza

The 2012 rental fees for the hall are as follows:

Saturday $2,499.00 without the lawn area … $2,799.00 with lawn.

Friday and Sunday $1,650.00 without the lawn area …or $1,950.00 with lawn.

Use of the equipment (portable bar, tables and chairs) $299.00 (We are offering a Yelp promotion: $100.00 off the $299.00 so you only pay $199.00 for the equipment)

Plus a $750.00 restoration deposit (the deposit is refundable if the property is restored to its original condition).

You obtain the keys at 8:00am and return them by 12:00 midnight.

The lawn area is rented separately from the hall; it rents for $399.00 Dollars for 4 hours (plus a $150.00 refundable deposit).

The deposit is due at the time of booking. You have a 7-day rescind period from the date of the License Agreement in order for your deposit to be refunded.

All moneys will be forfeited if event is cancelled after 7 days from the date of the contract. Rental fee is due six (6) months prior to your event.

Here are a couple of other answers to your question:

You are allowed to bring your own cater and drinks including beer and alcohol. You have complete access to our kitchen and portable bar at no extra charge. There are no taxes, gratuities, cork fees, cake cutting fees, set up or take down fees or any other hidden charges.

You have total freedom to decorate and set up anyway you desire. Plenty of free parking contiguous to the building.

Monday thru Thursday the price is generously reduced to $250 for the room, 300 for the lawn plus the $100.00 for equipment and a $250.00 deposit

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