Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venue #41: Santa Monica Pier Carousel

Please note that the City prefers that the Merry Go-Round remain open during its normal posted operating hours. The operating hours for weekends in September, October* and November* are from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The City will allow us to close the building to the public during these hours, but a Premium Rental Rate will apply. Hence the two rates listed below.

Rental Date: September, October or November*

Rental Time: TBD

Number of Guests: 100

*Note: The Merry Go-Round (Carousel) Building is scheduled to be closed for floor reconstruction slated to take place in fall/winter 2012, likely beginning in October. The City’s decision on exact dates should come no later than June 2012. We realize this may be a deterrent to your plans, and do apologize. If you wish, we can keep you apprised of the status.

Rental Rate

Note: Load-in and Load-out count as Rented Time

Regular Private Hours (After 7:00 PM) $ 200.00 per hour

Premium Private Hours (Before 7:00 PM) $ 500.00 per hour

East Merry Go-Round Deck Rental (with Building Rental) $ 65.00 per hour

Note: Merry Go-Round Deck is outdoors and is

available for seated assembly or kitchen use only.

It cannot accommodate standing assembly.

Custodial Fee (Minimum, depending upon hours) $ 150.00

Security Deposit (Refundable, due 2 weeks after

booking date) $ 500.00

Soda Jerks - The Merry Go-Round’s Soda Fountain

We are proud to announce the Merry Go-Round’s special new addition – an old-fashioned ice cream soda fountain! The fountain is run by a separate company called “Soda Jerks”, and they would love the opportunity to be a part of your event. Since they are located inside the building, negotiation with them (either the use of their services or their buyout) will be required.

Please contact Kevin McCafferty directly at:

Phone: (310) 393-7632

E-mail: Sodajerksftn@aol.com


You are required to have Special Event Insurance for this event. Additionally, if alcohol is to be served at the event, you are required to have Liquor Liability coverage. You may obtain your own insurance or the City of Santa Monica can provide it for you. Below are the 2012 rates to purchase insurance through the City:

Special Event Insurance ($1 million coverage) $ 126.02

Liquor Liability $ 20.65

You will want to check with your caterer as they may be able to supply this insurance for you.

Security Personnel

Your event will require two (2) bonded security personnel inside the Merry Go-Round Building. If you are renting the East Merry Go-Round Deck (Outdoors) as well, one (1) additional security person will be required. We can arrange security personnel for you. Our quoted rate for security personnel is:

Security Personnel $ 30.00 per hour per guard (5-hour minimum)

Plus Parking $ 10.00 per guard

Security Personnel are to be scheduled to arrive ½ hour prior to the beginning of the event and end their shift ½ hour after the end of the event (load-in and load-out time are not necessary).

If you would like to book security personnel on your own, you are welcome to, but please have whichever bonded company you choose contact us for an orientation of the building and insurance needs.

Merry Go-Round Operation

Merry Go-Round Operators must be present during every hour (except load-in and load-out) of every event, even if the Merry Go-Round is not to be operating. There is no charge for the Merry Go-Round Operators between the hours of 11:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight. Any event which extends beyond Midnight is required to pay an additional fee for the Merry Go-Round Operator.

Operator Fee (Only if after Midnight) $ 90.00 per hour

Fire Safety Officer (Parties Over 300 Attendance or with Special Cooking Needs)

If your event’s attendance is expected to exceed 300 people, you will be required to obtain the services of a Santa Monica City Fire Safety Officer (FSO). An FSO may also be required for events using tents or needing special provisions for cooking.

Fire Safety Officer $ 590.96 (flat rate)


You are welcome to bring in a caterer to provide food and beverage for your event. If you would like, we can recommend some for you.

If you do plan to use a caterer, please be sure to have them contact us to discuss load-in and load-out specifics.


As mentioned above, if alcohol is served you will be required to obtain Liquor Liability Insurance. If alcohol will be sold, you will be required to obtain a temporary alcoholic beverage permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. You can reach their office at (213) 833-6043.

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