Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venue #46: Adamson House (Malibu)

I have attached the guidelines for Historical Adamson house wedding. The location fee is $7000.00. The deposit fee is $1800.00. the balance of $5200.00 is due one month before the event.
The caterer, rentals, & parking are your responsibility, our wedding season is from April through end of October Saturday & Sundays exterior ground only.
I am available for a walkthrough Monday through Thursday 9.00 am to 2.00 pm with an advance appointment only.
If you like to visit by your self, the ground is open Monday to Friday during 8.00 am to sunset. Saturdays & Sundays please make sure to visit only in the morning hours due to the weddings in the afternoon.
If you have any other questions please contact me.
now we do take applications for 2012 wedding season.
if you have any other questions please email me.
* Already most of the Summer Saturdays are booked for 2012.
*April,May,June,Oct Saturday are stil open for 2012.
* We do host events only on Saturdays & Sundays.
*the rates are same on both days.
* No Holiday weekends event at the Adamson house. Sorry.
* The following dates are open for 2012 wedding season.
April: 1st,15th,22nd,29th 2012
June: 10th,17th,24th 2012
Sept: 23rd,30th 2012
Oct: 7th,21st,27th,28th 2012 open as of today.
*These dates have been mailed to many other Brides, please make sure to reserve your date ASAP.
* We do have other parks & beach locations for lower budget too.
Thanks a lot,

Waiting on detailed info.

So far:All weddings, receptions and special events are
contracted through the California State Parks. The
special event site coordinator handles the reservations,
contracts, and information. Please contact by email:
Weddings and special events are scheduled from
April through October. The maximum number of
guests allowed is 200. All weddings, receptions and
special events are held on the beautiful ocean front
property; the sycamore lawn, the front courtyard, and
the rear lawn by the star fountain. All events are
outdoors, not inside the Adamson House. The
Adamson House is a State Park property which is a
National Landmark in Malibu. The grounds are open
to the public, seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.
For weddings and receptions the docent council of the
Malibu Adamson House Foundation offers the option
of “opening” the house for docent led tours during the
cocktail hour. This is a separate contract which
can be obtained from the wedding docent chair by
calling 310-456-8432, 4# and leaving a message. Please
see the Wedding Tours brochure for more information.
We recommend prospective brides and grooms visit
the park, walk the ocean front property, and take a
tour of the Adamson House. Seeing the historic
masterpiece beach house full of Malibu Potteries tile,
and hearing the history of the last family to own all of
Malibu is remarkable. All tours of the interior are
docent led. Tour days and hours are Wednesday
through Saturday from 11am to 3pm, last tour departs
at 2pm. Adults $7, child $2
For general information please visit our
website: adamsonhouse.org
phone: 310-456-8432
The Adamson House

Yelper's note regarding weddings:
I came here with my then-fiance to check out the location for a possible wedding reception site. It is very beautiful, but VERY expensive to rent for an evening (we did not end up choosing this place for our wedding). The actual house is very beautiful. They have a tour that takes you around the inside, which we did not do. The house is located right on the beach and is very picturesque. The views alone boost this house up a star. There isn't much to do here if you don't take the tour, but it's a nice breathe of fresh air as a stop on your way up/down PCH. They also have a little museum run by some local volunteers, but it's very lackluster.

BTW - from ME not Yelp - I noticed they charge $500 for a wedding tour if you want to have your wedding there. Um, REALLY??

Photos: http://stephaniewilliamsphotography.com/blog/tag/adamson-house-wedding/

Photos: http://stephaniewilliamsphotography.com/blog/tag/adamson-house-wedding/
Photography by Jack Coble


  1. First, thanks for all the great info on your blog, it's been very helpful!

    Second, I just got back from a wedding tour at Adamson House. It was absolutely free and we even got a full tour of the interior (note - we scheduled an appt with the coordinator. If you go on your own you may need to pay the ~$7 admission). The tour that you see listed for $500 is an optional addition for your guests during the wedding. Should you choose, the $500 would cover docents that would lead your guests on tours of the interior of the house during your cocktail hour. The interior is otherwise closed off.

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