Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venue #57: The Hummingbird Nest Ranch (Santa Susana)

Waiting on pricing.

Yelp says: "Just went to a wedding over the weekend that was held at this facility.. AMAZING!! sooo pretty... there is a main house to the ranch and about 5 surrounding houses.. the groom / bride and wedding party stayed there for the whole weekend!! they had a 2 day wedding and it seemed like everything was planned out nice and very nicely organized.. i highly recommend this place for a special day!!!"

Here comes the guide says: A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date. Rental fees, which start at $5,000, vary depending on the space rented and guest count. Security and valet parking are required, all service providers must be insured to perform services on the property.

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  1. And followup information on the price? I can't imagine how pricey it is, but the pictures I've seen of the property are just exquisite!