Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venue #58: Egyptian Theatre (Hollywood)

American Cinematheque Rental Information, 2008
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Rental Contact Information:
Nancy Winters, Egyptian Theatre Gwen Deglise, Aero Theatre
tel. (323) 461-2020 ext. 121; fax (323) 467-0163 tel. (323) 461-2020 ext. 118; fax (323) 461-9737
nancy@americancinematheque.com email preferred gwen@americancinematheque.com
Egyptian Theatre Aero Theatre
6712 Hollywood Blvd. 1328 Montana Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028 Santa Monica, CA 90403
􀂾 renovated Historic Theatres w/comfortable seating
􀂾 state-of the-art sound and projection equipment – see details on page 2
􀂾 flexibility working with clients for all types of events
􀂾 handicap accessibility
􀂾 concession stand open to public or
􀂾 concessions buyouts available at $6/person (for 1 small popcorn & 1 small soda, water is
􀂾 Microphones and Chairs available for Q&A’s
􀂾 non-profit rates available with your 501 (c) 3 letter.
􀂾 we can sell your tickets for a fee ($1 per ticket or $100 whichever is greater) on Fandango,
they also charge $1 a ticket; or you can sell your own tickets at a table in the courtyard.
Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the Egyptian
􀂾 a venue perfect for any event from intimate screenings to world movie premieres.
􀂾 Screen size: 53 feet by 27 feet
􀂾 Total Number of Seats: 618 including handicap seats: (504 seats on main floor; 114 seats in
􀂾 The Lobby holds 150 people
􀂾 Rental Rate $5,000
Steven Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian
􀂾 Screen Size 24ft by 10ft
􀂾 Total Number of Seats 77 including handicap seats
􀂾 The Spielberg Lobby holds 70 to 100 people
􀂾 Rental Rate: $250/hour [If there is no film scheduled in the Rigler Theatre that night, there will
be an additional charge of $500.]
Courtyard at the Egyptian
􀂾 standing capacity of approx. 600
􀂾 seated capacity for approximately 250 people
􀂾 seated at dinner tables for approximately 100 to 200.
􀂾 Rental Rate: $2,500 [Detailed map required for Cinematheque and Fire Marshall approval.]
Parking Information
􀂾 $2 for 4 hours with theatre validation at Hollywood and Highland Center. $1 every 20 minutes
after that not to exceed $10.
􀂾 Grant/Classic Parking $8-$15 per space. To purchase spaces call Jose, Parking Mngr at
􀂾 Metered Street Parking free after 6pm. (Read Signs)
Max Palevsky Theatre at the Aero
􀂾 Screen Size 38 ft by 18 ft
􀂾 Number of Seats: 425
􀂾 Lobby Available for VIP Receptions
􀂾 Rental Rate: $4,000
􀂾 Daytime hourly rate: $250 an hour
􀂾 Birthday Party Rentals - Flat Fee available
􀂾 Marquee available on day of event
􀂾 5 out of 6 display cases available day of event.
Parking Information
􀂾 Metered Street Parking free after 6pm as well as side street neighborhood parking. (Read
REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL THREE THEATRES: [advance payment in full]
􀂾 insurance certificate for $5 Million Liability naming American Cinematheque as the Additionally Insured.
􀂾 cleaning/security deposit required; rates vary according to what you are renting.
􀂾 you must have 1 walk thru w/Th. Mngr w/all personel from your event; any additional walk thru’s are
$250 each.
􀂾 Alcohol License if you are serving alcohol. [Non-Profits may purchase a License from Dept of Alcohol &
Beverage Consumption.You must apply at least 10 days & no


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