Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Venue #63: Cypress Sea Cove (Malibu)

Our price for rental of the location is $7,000 for the first 50 guests and then $500 per each 25 guests after that. This is for a rental period of 9 AM to Midnight. In the event that you need more time you can rent additional time by the hour. For an appointment to see Cypress Sea Cove, please call me at (310) 589-3344. We can provide you with a vendor list of reputable companies that are regularly retained by many of the past event holders. These companies can handle everything for you since we provide the location only.



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  2. Wow! What a stunning day!! Truly, you both are looking amazing and wish you hearty congratulations! Well, I am also looking for Banquet Halls for my wedding. Any advice?