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Venue #74: Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center (Calabasas)

How to Rent a Room

It’s easy to book a room at the center! Simply contact the Facility Coordinator by phone at (818) 880-2993 or email to check room availability, and we'll help you with the rest! The following areas are available for rent:

Banquet Hall
The banquet hall is one giant room that can be divided into three smaller rooms (Agoura, Las Virgenes and Calabasas Room). You can reserve any combination of rooms. With professionally designed acoustical improvements, a high-quality projector and projection screen, attractive rooms and a peaceful outdoor patio, our banquet hall is the ideal place for any celebration, party, or social/business gathering.

Activity Studio
The Activity Room is the perfect room to rent if you are considering a rock wall or birthday party. It is close to the rock wall, has a small patio and can hold up to 75 guests.

Rock Wall
From birthday parties and school classes to corporate outings and non-profit organizations, everyone will remember a rock climbing party in our 35 foot naturalistic rock wall! All rock wall parties include necessary equipment and our expert climbing staff to belay party participants.

Full Gymnasium
The sky’s the limit when it comes to transforming our 10,000 square foot gymnasium into your social or business mecca! Our gym can easily fit the needs of any major event accommodating up to 800 guests. Come to the community center to see photos for ideas on how to convert our courts into the party of your dreams.

Basketball Courts
You may rent one of our basketball courts for your group or team to practice on but there is very limited availability throughout the year.

Please call to confirm the prices listed below as they are subject to change and are subject to min and max requirements. The number of people (pp) are based on classroom style seating. Please call for details.
Area Weekday (Mon-Thu) Weekend (Fri-Sun) Sec. Deposit

Agoura Rm (86pp)
$55/hr $75/hr $175
Las Virgenes Rm (90pp) $55/hr $75/hr $175
Calabasas Rm (150pp) $85/hr $105/hr $350
Activity Rm (40) $70/hr $70/hr $175
Basketball Ct $150/hr $150/hr $150
Gymnasium Please call Please call Please call
Rock Wall* $150/hr $150/hr

* The Rock Wall price includes rock wall staff to supervise participants. For all Rock Wall rentals that are 1.5 hours or longer, the Activity Studio is included (security deposit required). Rock Wall rental time is based on the number of participants. All participants must bring in a signed waiver on the day of the rental.
Add-Ons Price
Patio $75
Stage Piece (6x8')
$12.50 each
PA System
Microphone $10
$15 each
Overhead Projector
$75 + $250 refundable security deposit
Cleaning 1 room: $125, 2 rooms: $175, 3 rooms: $225
Security Guard $25/hr Required at all celebratory events and events serving alcohol

Please Note

General Liability Insurance is required for all rentals. Please call for details.
Alcoholic beverages shall not be sold within one hour prior to the end of a rental.


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OK - more details from the email....
Regarding the Banquet Hall

Our banquet hall can hold about 300 people. The hall separates into 3 different sized rooms - Agoura Room, Las Virgenes Room, and Calabasas Room - that are divided by partitions. For 100 guests, we would recommend having the ceremony in the Calabasas Room or patio and the reception in the Agoura/Las Virgenes Room.

For Weekends (Fri-Sun), these are the following costs:

Agoura Room = $75/hour*

Las Virgenes Room = $75/hour*

Calabasas Room = $105/hour*

Patio = $75 (flat fee)

* For Fridays and Saturdays, we require a 3hr min before 3p; 8hr min after 3p. On Sundays, we only require a 3hr min. Your setup and cleanup are included within your hours. In addition to those hours, we provide you a ½ hour before and after your time.

All tables and chairs are included in the price. There is plenty of seating for 300 guests. The round tables are 72” and the rectangular tables are six foot and seven foot.

Regarding the Security Deposit

We require a security deposit to reserve the room and the date. The deposit is not credited towards your balance; it's in addition to the cost of the room and is refundable up to 30 days after the event. The security deposit for each room is the following:

Agoura Room = $175

Las Virgenes = $175

Calabasas = $350

If you reserve more than one room, the security deposit is $500.

Regarding the Insurance

Everyone must have insurance, whether you purchase the insurance through us or if you use your own insurance, for example, homeowner's. If you purchase the insurance through us, these are the following rates:

General Liability w/alcohol for 1-100 people = $152

General Liability w/out alcohol for 1-100 people = $92

If you use your own insurance, you will be required to submit a certificate of insurance and endorsement policy. Certificate of insurance shall meet required insurance rating, in the amount of $1,000,000. The certificate of insurance shall name the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center Joint Powers Authority as certificate holder and named as additionally insured. If your insurance company does not provide the endorsement policy, then the insurance MUST be purchased through the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center, no exceptions.

Regarding the Security Guards

Guards hired for a function must go on duty ½ hour before guest’s arrival and remain on duty ½ hour after the scheduled event. Security guards are required, 1 for each 75 participants in attendance and when serving alcohol the ratio shall be 1 to each 50 participants in attendance. The guards are $25/hour per security guard. For your event, 1 guard is required if you’re serving alcohol or not. If you expect more than 150 guests, then you will need 2 guards if alcohol is served.


1 room = $125

2 rooms = $175

3 rooms = $225

If you clean, just make sure you leave the room how you found it and we’ll provide you with all the necessary cleaning supplies. The kitchen is excluded from the cleaning fee.

MISC info

~ The kitchen is a non-cooking kitchen in which you may keep food warm or cold (freezer, refrigerator, ice machine (your caterer does NOT need to bring ice), warming oven (180degrees), warming station and coffee maker (need to bring your own coffee and large, commercial filters). If your caterer does decide to cook, there is an area outside the kitchen (or patio) where they may put their grill, barbeque or stove; they just need to put down ground cover to not stain the cement.

~ Parking is FREE; we have 142 parking spaces and street parking on Malibu Hills Road is available.

~ The lighting in the room is on dimmers; however, when all the lights are off, there are emergency lights that STAY ON and MAY NOT BE TURNED OFF.

~ The wood floor in the rooms is a dance floor so you may make the dance area as big or as small as you’d like.

~ We do have a projector that is mounted on the ceiling in the Calabasas Room. It’s an additional fee of $75 and a $250 security deposit for the remote. You may hook up a laptop or if it’s a DVD, we have a DVD player for rent of $15.

If you need some assistance in coordinating your event, please see some suggested contacts below:


1) Alligator Pear: Abi Chilton: 818.347.7860

2) Burgundy Creek: Pauline Bosco, 818-883-0000

2) Command Performance catering group: Annette Karp, 805-523-3232

3) Cornucopia Caterer’s: Marcy Feldman, 818-909-0075

4) Interpreting Flavors with Love: Daniel Villanueva, 818-335-0548

5) Red Carpet Wine Events Desk: 800-339-0609

6) Silver Spoons Catering, Inc.: Scott Tessler, 818-996-2911

7) Someone’s in the kitchen: Bonnie Weiler, 818-343-5151

8) The Water’s Edge: Sean Learnihan, 818-222-0226


1) AAA Rents & Events: 818-785-1105

2) Platinum Party Rentals: 805-497-7827

3) Sitting Pretty: 818-462-6867

4) Parties at your Door: 818-347-3044

5) A Rental Connection: 818-883- Rent

6) LA Party Rents: 310-785-0000/818-989-4300

7) American Rent All: 818 345-4102

8) A Packaged Parties: 818-710-1222


1) DJ Eddie: 818-518-8878

2) DJ Pasha Entertainment: Pasha Gonzalez: 818-648-1223

3) Halo Entertainment: Danny Daugherty: 773-297-7400 (special offer)

4) Let the Music Play with Bino's Entertainment: Bino Bates: 661-288-2121

5) Party Zone: Dan Teplinsky: 818-577-0040 (special offer)

6) Real Genius: Randy Lehrman: 818-346-3482

Event Planners

1) The Perfect Party: Monica Fratkin: 818-780-9793

2) Chic Wedding and events: Rachel Hollis: 818-566-8697

3) Exquisite Events: Nikki Khan: 818-620-2665

4) Grand Events: Carol Saunders: 818-885-0566

5) Hold the Date: Rusty Feldman: 310-859-2222

6) KB Events: Krysti Bates: 818-620-6362

I hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.


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