Friday, February 1, 2013

Best Officiant Ever: Lori Beth Denberg!

Myself, Bill Nye, Lori Beth, and my husband.
Because I just can't be boring, I couldn't settle for a normal officiant. I know it still would have been nice, but I wanted someone who would make it sentimental, but also FUN and FUNNY.  We ended up going with the super sweet, kind, and professional Lori Beth Denberg, who was an actress on All That and The Steve Harvey Show. She's awesome, and her rates are still low because she's just getting into the reverend / pastor / wedding business.  You can find out more at her website, but yeah, she was awesome. I've had at least ten people tell me it was the most memorable ceremony they've ever attended. People were rolling with laughter. Then sobbing. It was epic.

Want to find out more info and see pictures of Lori Beth officiating my wedding? Read on.

What Lori Beth Offers:

"My wedding services includes at least two (2) meetings with you and your fiancée as well as my wedding day duties. When I meet with you and your fiancée we will discuss what you would like your ceremony to be (the tone, the program, anything that is important to you). Also, I will spend some time getting to know you a little bit. While there are several portions of ceremonies that are standard, a large part of it will be tailored specifically to you. I want it to be YOUR wedding ceremony and we will decide together how to best accomplish that."
-Lori Beth at

Pictures from Our Ceremony:


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    3. Write her at her website and ask! Her business has really blown up lately, so I'm not sure, but she can tell you! :)

  3. Hi Karen, do you have your wedding video yet? Is it possible to watch Lori officiate your ceremony? :)

    1. My husband is still editing it! I will let him know you want to see it :)