Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Venue #96: Smogshoppe (Los Angeles)

Attached is our rate and policy information for both locations. 

Generally the standard location rental for up to 150 guests runs about $9,000 for a Friday/Sunday and about $10,300 for a Saturday (*this amount is subject to increase/decrease depending on guest count and day of the week) and this includes costs for the rental of the property including its amenities and the required services of valet, site management, janitorial/trash hauling, kitchen rental, and furniture set up. This does not include your other essential event services like catering, bartending, coordinator/planner, etc.

Want to read about catering? 

All other services like catering, bartending and rentals should be contracted through insured outside vendors. I've attached a list of our favorite vendors and we highly recommend using a caterer from this preferred list.  New catering and bar tending vendors are subject to an approval process and clients who choose a caterer that is new to us may be required to hire an additional site manager, but this requirement can be waived for clients who are working with a professional day-of-coordinator or event planner.


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