Monday, May 6, 2013

A Simpler URL!

I wanted to make my blog easier to access, so I purchased the URL to make it simple. Any time you want to access my blog, just type that in and press enter!

BTW, I hope to start getting to your requests for venues soon.  I know I'm getting to them later than we all hoped, and I apologize; being newly married, working full time, and writing a dissertation is a beast!

I wish all of you the favor of the wedding research gods and hope to write more soon!

So just remember to type:

XO, Karen


  1. Your blog is heaven sent. I am also a 29 year old searching for a wedding venue that won't break the bank. Please get in touch if you want to exchange info (I created a google doc I can share with you that includes some venues in Palm Springs).

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Vanessa!! It's great to find someone else like me muddling through expensive wedding venues! I would love to see your google doc!! Pretty much everything I know is listed on this site, so that's my best source of information, but if you want me to look anything else up for you, I would be happy to! Also, since you've done a lot of searching, let me know if you'd like to be a guest author and write a blog post with your name on it!

  2. Karen,

    Are you still helping brides find venues for their specific situations? Your blog has been a Godsend, but I'm still having trouble finding the right place.


    1. Hi Molly! I am, just moving slowly because I'm so swamped with work and school! But if you post what you are looking for, I will try to get to you! Have you found any cool venues I should add?