Friday, July 5, 2013

Case Study #1: inLuv Wants 200 people for $3000 or Less

Ok, here's my first case study. I've never done this before, so it won't be perfect.  My smart, capable readers (and truly, you all are), if you have more suggestions for the user inLuv, please add ideas in the comments!

Hi Karen! Thank you so much for this post(and this blog!) Really! Hope I can find a suitable wedding venue! :)

Here is my wedding plan.

1. Number of people: 150~200(flexible)

2. Desired Cost of Venue ONLY: $1000-3000; 

3. We want to bring our own caterer. Most of us don't drink, so no booze.
4. Outside for Both Ceremony and Reception. (can be at same location too) 
5. No special theme.
6. less than 1hr driving distance from Los Angeles.

I recently found Clarke Estate from your blog, which was the most suitable venue for my wedding among all my other researches. I'm wondering if there's other venue that suits those conditions. Thank you so much, Karen!

What did I find?

The hardest part about your situation is that you want to fit a LOT of people on a modest budget (mine was modest too!), and you don't want a required caterer.  Here's my top 5! If you ended up choosing a venue and/or other readers have another idea, please comment! I agreed that Clarke was a perfect choice for you!


POSSIBLE VENUE 1: Clarke Estate

POSSIBLE VENUE 2: Maxwell House (with ALL of it staged outdoors)

POSSIBLE VENUE 3: Brand Library

POSSIBLE VENUE 4: Newland Barn Rental

POSSIBLE VENUE 5: Harbour View Clubhouse



  1. Im partial to clarke estate but thats only because im familiar with it. Ive both attended weddings and photographed one there.

    1. Thanks Hil! I love the feedback because I haven't been to that venue yet. Would you like to share some of your photos on this website from Clarke? If you have a wedding photography business, I can put a link to it. Let me know. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Im fairly new, but feel free to check me out i have a few photos from clark estate here They are mainly close shots and dont show a lot of the estate, my other photos from this wedding are on another hard drive. :)