Monday, July 8, 2013

Case Study #2: Amy Needs Indoor Wedding/Reception That Fits 200!

So, I'm finally getting around to the original poster, Amy, who inspired my case studies!  Amy's predicament is as follows:  Karen, I'm looking for an indoor venue for both ceremony and reception that fits about 200 people (I know, that's a ton). Totally struggling with how much a SoCal wedding costs and looking through tons of venues now. Any recs?

Okay, so since you didn't include any location restrictions, I'm going to include a few outside of the LA area (but still close by.)


See the picture above the jump. Gorgeous loft in San Diego.  However, it only accommodates 175 at most, so it might be a bit of a squeeze.

[Pic is above the jump]

POSSIBLE VENUE #2: Calabasas Community Room.
Very cute, and when you combine the two rooms, you can get over 200 people in!  This venue I actually visited in person. Nice, but connected to a gym. My hubby didn't like walking past the gym, but it's definitely not a deal breaker.

POSSIBLE VENUE #3: Segerstrom Center for the Arts
Located in Costa Mesa. Beautiful. Can accommodate up to 180.

POSSIBLE VENUE #4: Union Station.
Pricier but awesome and loads of space.

POSSIBLE VENUE #5: Occidental College
Who knew a college could be so stunning! This was on my favorite list!

Also check out this tip from Kendra on my facebook page. "The community room in Diamond bar, Orangecrest club, and there was an indian food restaurant that had a great package with almost everything starting at 15.00 per person."


  1. Hi Karen, I have a question. If your overall goal is to spend ~$20,000 on the ceremony and reception (not including attire or rehearsal dinner), what is the most we should spend on the venue (estimate). I see two scenarios: venue comes with NOTHING but the location v. venue comes with at least tables and chairs. Thanks!! Sae

    1. I saw your post and was curious if you decided which would be better and if you are willing to share this info. Thanks?!

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  3. Indoor ceremony venue is a great option for organizing a wedding ceremony. Above all mentioned venues are amazing but I personally like Calabasas Community Room. You can get a lots of space here for your guests in affordable budget. I also chose the same style of wedding reception venue in Perth. You should find a ceremony venue that match your wedding theme and reflect something within your personality.

  4. Indoor wedding venues are a good option but I would love to prefer an outdoor venue. It can be a beach or a castle garden. These both are my first choices. Recently I have hired a beautiful venue in The Dunloe Wedding hotel for my sister's wedding. It is so much beautiful and luxurious. I hope everyone will like that.

  5. Just FYI Union Station isn't taking any reservations for dates after August 2014. Something to do with Metro's long term plans for the use of the space. They may end up renting it out to tenants rather than allowing events. We wanted our wedding then but we can't book it :(

    Thanks for your blog. You have helped so many of us!!!