Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lobo Castle: Every girl's childhood dream come true!

Lobo Castle is a modern combination between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty's fortresses. Set in a quaint region of the Santa Monica mountain range, Lobo castle is the perfect destination for your and your spouse to be. 

The castle is fully equipped for special events, and features an excellent staff to service your every whim. 
Services include:
- One meeting per month 3 months prior to event
- Unlimited phone calls and emails
- Create and assist with timeline
- Etiquette and protocol advice
- Confirm details with vendors
- Point person on wedding day
- Oversee the timeline for the reception
- Distribute final payment to vendors
- Collect belongings at conclusion of event
Don't hesitate to contact them for more information, I assure you it'll be time well spent!


  1. The place was magnificent and modern, and the rooms were comfy. Truly, the sound was heavenly and as a visitor, there are so many sweet spots that you need not waste time and bother others finding the one.
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  2. What Was The Price Range For This Place?