Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Need Your Testimonials: Email one for a chance to win $25!

Dear Faithful Readers,

I know it's been a while since I wrote a real Karen-style post. I apologize. I'm hoping to graduate in May with my Ph.D. and my responsibilities at my job are steadily growing, so learning to juggle everything has been a challenge.  And I just turned 32 and celebrated in Vegas! This is a picture of me with my best friend, Audrey. The hubby and his family came too!

That said, I've been thinking about how to make this blog (which was originally meant as a resource for me and my then-fiance) and continue to make it more useful and accessible to my readers.  I have several ideas, including video blogs on site of venues, updated 2014 pricing for every venue, a monthly newsletter, and more!  As I expand the scope of what I offer, though, I need a landing page for No Wedding Debt that goes beyond Blogger.  Though my blogs will still be hosted through this site, I will soon offer more on a general website, and for that, I need YOUR help.

I'd like to include some testimonials from venues and brides/grooms who have benefitted from this blog.  If you are someone who feels you got something positive from this blog, would you do me a huge favor and email me a testimonial? You just need to include (a) 1-3 sentences, (b) your first name, (c) town of residence, and (d) a picture from your wedding or engagement or another relevant photo that I can use on my new website.  I will choose my top three favorites to feature here (based on how well you describe your experience with No Wedding Debt) and then randomly choose a winner! I will Paypal the winner $25 to use on anything they choose (since some of you may already be married).

As you know, I currently maintain this site as a completely free service to my readers, so giving a testimonial is a quick, free way you can help me out.  I can use testimonials from brides, venues, wedding coordinators, and more!  There are no limitations on who can submit, and I will consider all entries that include parts a-d above.  I need all testimonials submitted by Saturday, Jan 25, 2014 at 9pm EST.  Please consider helping me out in this way. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

My email is noweddingdebt at gmail dot com. (Gotta write it that way to protect my email from the internet robots. :)  A big thank you to all of you who have encouraged me.  My readers are inspiring me to an even more fruitful, well-researched 2014!  HUGS!

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